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It’s All In The Mind

Whatever the size of your business, if your sales or account management team aren’t performing as well as you, or they, expected the cause is often poor mindset or attitude around specific sales activities.  Often they have just fallen in to a rut and are doing the doing without reflecting on what it is they are supposed to do and whether they could do it any better.

A clear sign is when you hear sales professionals or account managers say things like, “I don’t follow up with clients or prospects as they know where I am if they want me”, or maybe “My clients won’t like it if I ask them for a referral.” An assumption  – often based on a fear of being seen as ‘pushy’ or not knowing what to do or say – has become an ingrained ‘truth’. That ‘truth’ leads to a drop in sales activity and impacts results.    

That’s why all It’s All In The Mind  sales training and coaching programme start by helping delegates identify some of their negative thoughts around sales and then  showing them what they can do put that right.

 Once that more positive thought process is in place, we then introduce the necessary sales skills, techniques, and processes to drive success. At every step of the way we challenge delegates to question why they think what they think, why they say what they say and to ask themselves whether their thoughts or words are assumptions masquerading as facts.

 Using tried and tested cognitive behavioural learning techniques, we work with businesses across all types of sectors and sizes including Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics, Technology and Direct Sales.

Sales training workshops

Team and individual coaching

One to One mentoring

Two learning methods

Flexible delivery

Affordable and Accessible

Bespoke Training Programme

We provide two types of learning to offer flexibility and support all requirements.  These two learning pathways have flexible delivery and are affordable and accessible.

It’s All In The Mind Sales Programme is facilitated by our practitioners to create a bespoke learning programme for teams.

It’s All In The Mind Online is delivered via online conference calls providing key modules to individuals and groups.

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