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Business profitability begins with a successful sales process, a successful sales process begins in the mind.

Increase Profitability

It’s All In The Mind has one simple purpose – to help businesses increase profitability by improving the performance of their sales teams.

What makes us unique is that we use tried and tested cognitive techniques to instil positive mindsets in the people responsible for winning new work for your business – whether they identify themselves as sales professionals or not. What if 10% of their meetings resulted in a proposal for new work? And what if 10% of these proposals turned in to new sales?

We help improve your business’s profitability one person at a time. It’s All In The Mind is not a traditional sales training program – it’s not about driving to a hotel, coffee on arrival at 08:30, open the binder at 09:00, depart at 17:00 with the learning materials in the boot of your car never to be seen or used again.

Rather we use shorter workshops, one to one coaching and online tools to allow the learner to work at their own pace. Most importantly, we provide the space in which the learner can reflect on their attitude to sales or service-related situations and then support them as they create a more positive approach to the task. In turn, the positive mindset leads to improved performance.

How It All Began

It’s All In The Mind was established as a partnership between two well-established sales consultancy businesses with a combined experience of over 60 years in sales and sales leadership. Nick Banyard, of FutureStory Consulting and Simon de Ferrer, of MHR Business Growth met at a sales convention they didn’t entirely rate. Brought together through a mixture of frustration and a post-conference pint, they found they shared strong belief in common sense sales principles, not 1980s negative selling tactics.

Through mutual projects they later met the team at Sales Motivations. Using scientifically proven psychological approaches to performance development, Sales Motivations looks beyond typical sales training. Their approaches and motivations fit together seamlessly and It’s All In The Mind began

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