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We provide sales motivational training to improve mindsets

Your sales success is a key driver of your profitability

Getting the mindset right is the basis of good sales. Once that foundation is in place, we can build the necessary sales skills and processes to create an excellent sales team.

Bespoke Training

60 Years Experience

Scientifically Proven

Evidence-based benefits

It’s All In The Mind can create long lasting benefits for your business, providing tailor-made training to build sustainable growth and resilience amongst your team.

The facts speak for themselves. The programme was trialled in the financial services industry, carried out as a controlled scientific study*

*Personality and Individual Differences, Elsevier

20% More sales people on target
30% Growth in sales activity
27% being able to cope with pressure
31% decrease in staff turnover

Bespoke Training Programmes

Our approach to developing people involves a bespoke training programme specific to the needs of the individual and your business.

Stage 1 > Audience profiling
We meet individual team members to understand them, their role and requirements. Use profiling tools specifically developed for sales and account management roles.

Stage 2 > Implement bespoke training
We deliver bespoke training modules to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours identified at stage one.

Stage 3 > Mentoring and coaching
Continued mentoring and coaching beyond the training ensuring skills and techniques become sustained sales habits.



When I started the business, I didn’t feel comfortable calling people I didn’t know. Now I understand that I had to change what I thought about prospecting as it was impacting my success.

Founder of currency advice business

The impact has been incredible. By spending time to observe us when we quote for new business and getting very specific feedback on how we can improve has had a significant impact on our performance.


Landscape management business owner

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